iStrada, a complete concrete delivery management solution and the iStrada paperless ticketing App provide easy access to tickets and allow users to track deliveries and place orders.

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iStrada - where concrete people connect

Concrete producers

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  • Check delivery statuses of each job, or multiple jobs ordered from different producers
  • Review and download tickets
  • Place orders
  • Pay bills

& DOT officials

  • Record test results
  • Review tickets (old and new)
  • Extract test results for future use.
  • Check delivery statuses of all DOT projects
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iStrada: A Sysdyne Product

About Sysdyne

Founded in 1976 in Stamford, Connecticut, Sysdyne provides fully integrated software and automation tools to ready mixed concrete producers in the US and worldwide to manage their day-to-day operation, from quotation generation, to order entry, concrete dispatch, to concrete batch controls and concrete delivery management system. Sysdyne products include ConcreteGo®, the cloud-based concrete dispatch, Trailblazer™ and Scout™, the concrete batch automation systems, Seek N’ Feed™, the material-handling system, QuickLink®, the two-way accounting interface and iStrada™, the delivery management system that connects concrete producers and their customers. Sysdyne also supplies products of moisture content measurement, weights measurement and mixer revolution counters, etc.

Sysdyne is well known for its effort of leading the industry with innovations. ConcreteGo is the first to apply cloud computing technology to concrete central dispatch. Sysdyne is also among the first to apply mobile technology to develop paperless ticketing solution. It is our belief that new computer and Internet technologies will redefine the industry and the way it works. We will continue our initiatives of bringing revolutionary products and solutions to ready mixed concrete producers.

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